Air Filters

The air cleaner plays a vital part in the smooth, healthy running of your Land Rover engine. The air filter allows your engine to draw air into the combustion process while working to keep the air free of grit, dirt and dust particles. Dirty air filters can cause a fuel mixture that’s too rich and might choke or damage your engine. It’s important to check the condition of your car’s air filter at regular intervals.

While it is generally advised that air-filters are changed every 12,000 miles or once a year, this is far from something that has to be done by a technician and can be carried out by you within a matter of minutes. If your air filter is left neglected it will get dirty and blocked, restricting airflow into the engine.

The branded air filters supplied with the Land Rover kits on LRSERVICEKITS.COM are sourced from recognised original equipment manufacturers such as the Filtron Air Filter supplied as part of the Allmakes 4x4 Premium Range service kit for Land Rover Discovery 3.