Fuel Filters

The performance and clean running of your car relies on a mixture of air and clean fuel. If foreign particles get passed into the fuel supply and make it into the engine then serious damage can occur. It is the job of the fuel filter to stop these particles getting into your engine. Preventing particles from getting into the fuel supply and ensuring the clean delivery of fuel into the fuel injectors or carburettor will help to prolong the life of the engine and its component parts. Most (but not all) of our Land Rover service kits will contain a fuel filter in their component parts.

The kits that include fuel filters will typically be in kits where the fuel filter is straightforward to get to on the vehicle. Where a fuel-filter is situated in the fuel tank or somewhere more discrete, then the fuel-filter is unlikely to form part of the manufacturers’ major service schedule. 

The branded fuel filters we use such as the Coopers diesel fuel filters included in the Allmakes 4x4 Premium Range Land Rover Service Kits for Freelander 2 are sourced from recognised and reputable original equipment manufacturers.