Land Rover Service Parts

The parts included in our Land Rover Service Kits are typical of major land rover service intervals. The parts include air filters, oil filters, fuel filters, pollen filters and spark plugs.

Oil Filter

This is an essential part of the Land Rover Service Kit. Renewing an oil filter in conjunction with your engine oil will help to prolong the life of the engine and minimise the possibility of expensive repairs later on in the life of the vehicle. More information on the oil filter parts for your Land Rover....

Air Filter

The air cleaner plays a vital part in the smooth, healthy running of your Land Rover engine. The air filter allows your engine to draw air into the combustion process while working to keep the air free of grit, dirt and dust particles. More details on the air filter on your Land Rover Defender, Discovery, Range Rover or Freelander....

Fuel Filter

The fuel filter works to remove any contaminates from the fuel delivery to the engine. Most (but not all) of our Land Rover service kits will contain a fuel filter in their component parts. This will vary according to the age of the vehicle and the specific manufacturer service schedule. More details on the land rover fuel filter part of our service kits....

Pollen Filter

Heater fans rely on a clean air flow so be aware too that any restriction caused by leaves, bugs and debris blocking or clogging pollen filters can shorten their life-span. Cabin filters also offer allergy sufferers and asthmatics protection against airborne pollens.

Spark Plugs

The critical part for petrol combustion engines, overtime spark plugs will wear, crack, corrode or become clogged with carbon which may cause misfires to occur. Reliable sparks are vital to maximising performance and are so straightforward to change that we have included them as part of our Petrol Land Rover Service Kits.